Ask Chris Redfield

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Anonymous asked: Can i hug you....? *^*

If I had a nickel for ever time someone asked me this…

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Anonymous asked: Chris where are yaaa

At home, answering questions about my ass. 

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guntalina asked: Ever tickle piers' pickle

Why does everybody keep asking me this?


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Anonymous asked: Chris, please answer my question. It's been 6 months since you answer my latest question.

Apologies for taking such a long time. Please feel free to resend your question.

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Anonymous asked: What's the thing that motivates you?

A combination of things, really. Peace, freedom, justice. It’s hard to narrow it down to one thing. Since the start of this battle, I’ve seen countless lives destroyed by this war. My closest friends have been taken from me and many others in the world have experienced the same losses I have. 

I guess my real motivation is that I don’t want anymore people in the world to feel the pain and suffering I’ve felt. I can’t let anymore lives be lost or destroyed by this war. 

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Anonymous asked: Chris, I hope you'll have a wife like you would expect.

I don’t plan on getting married.